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    Mendhe Audlin - December 29, 2019

    Creating Your Perfect Vision for 2020

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    Special Announcement: Important Ministry Update

    On June 7, 2020 Interim Minister Candidate, Dr. Ras Smith, presented the Sunday message and answered questions during our Meet the Minister segment following the Service. We then provided an opportunity for everyone to provide their thoughts. Thank you so much for...

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    Reopening Unity Church of the Hills

    Important Update - 06.26.20 Unfortunately due to the surge of Covid-19 illness in the Austin area, we are suspending all public events on campus in an effort to help keep our community safe. Additionally, we have learned that Mayor Adler is expected to announce this...

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    Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

    "You need to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable." Excuse me?  To whomever first stated this I want to say, “You’re wrong.  That’s weird.  That’s just not right.”  Who doesn’t prefer to be comfortable rather than the...

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    The Big Fat Lie

    Traditionally, we have been conditioned to believe that the ideal human is self-reliant and fully independent.  By extension, we have perhaps falsely believed that the ideal human stands tall through adversity and challenges, resolutely sucking it up during...

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    Staying Healthy and Centered in God

    Dear Unity Family, Let us begin by acknowledging the One Power and One Presence, God the Good. Knowing that we are all made in the image and likeness of this goodness, we call it forth now to establish Peace, Divine Wisdom, Love, and Wholeness. Jesus encouraged us to...

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    Compete and Compare

    Would we ever consider that there might be competition in a spiritual community? Is it possible that we ever believe that some people are more spiritual than others, more perfect, more enlightened, or simply “more than”? We know that some authors write about levels of...

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    What Did You Expect?

    We know that Order is described as one of the powers in the Twelve Powers of Man written by Charles Fillmore in 1930.  The co-founder of the Unity movement, Fillmore, entitles the chapter on this subject, Spiritual Law and Order.   This sounds a little bit...

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    Countdown To 2020

    I’ve always loved those trendy Advent calendars. You know the ones that appear about this time of year. They are typically bought for the benefit of children who have a hard time knowing “how many days until Christmas.” These one-month calendars often take the form of...

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    Why I Love The Women’s Retreat

    As a teenager, I loved to go to summer church camp retreats. It was a week-long experience for both boys and girls, staying in bunkhouses at Bastrop State Park. We had classes, cookouts, and quiet time in the evenings. I looked forward to it every year. My peak...

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